Skyline Industrial REIT: Presidential Transition

Skyline Industrial REIT is pleased to announce that Mike Bonneveld will be stepping into the role as President, Skyline Industrial REIT. In the following video, hear from Jason Castellan, Co-Founder & CEO, Skyline Group of Companies, Michael Mackenzie, current President, Skyline Industrial REIT, and Mike Bonneveld, incoming President, Skyline Industrial REIT, as they discuss the transition and Mike Bonneveld’s extensive experience with all aspects of Skyline Industrial REIT’s operations and strategy.

About Skyline Industrial REIT

Skyline Industrial REIT (the “REIT”) is a privately owned and managed portfolio of industrial properties, focused on acquiring warehousing, distribution, and logistics-centred properties along major highway corridors and transportation routes in Canada.

Skyline Industrial REIT is distributed as an alternative investment product through Skyline Wealth Management Inc. (“Skyline Wealth”), the preferred Exempt Market Dealer for the REIT.

Skyline Industrial REIT is committed to providing outstanding places to do business and superior service to its tenants, while surfacing value with a goal to deliver stable returns to its investors.

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Skyline Industrial REIT is operated and managed by Skyline Group Of Companies.